How to Write SEO-Friendly Article?(Backlinko Guide)

Hey guys & welcome back again, In the is the chapter, I’m going to show you, how to write an SEO-Friendly Article that, generates 10k visitors per month?

Once you start using this guide though, you might be able to write SEO Content Writing. I hope you make it well,

Apart from that, I’d love to say you.

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SEO-Friendly Articles can boost your SEO ranking as well. What are the types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO out there…!!!

Want to drive more traffic to your blog so, you will have to learn these basic SEO skills.

In fact, you can do it easily! So without wasting your prime time, let’s jump into this guide.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to drive free traffic to your blog, landing & website too.

With the help of SEO, you may get organic traffic. This is the simple & essential way for your blog & earning as well.

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Let’s face another SEO-Friendly Article writing tip.

What is SEO-Content Writing?

What is Content Writing? It’s all about writing content so that, you can increase your business leads & customers too.

Content Writing is not only writing content but also. You have to write content Search Engines too

To ensure that, you have SEO-Friendly Content also. Once you start writing content SEO-Friendly then, you might get a lot of clients easily!

Whether you want to know more so, you might follow this guide

How to Write SEO-Freindly Article?

It is the main goal of an SEO Content Writer. Once you start using this thing Or tips though, you may be able to write high-quality content

I’d love to tell you one more thing. Don’t worry about that.

Today, I’m going to break down Backlinko SEO-Friendly Content Writing tips & tricks as well. I hope you love it.

Let’s get start it…!!!

Find the Keyword

Keyword research is the process of getting those questions & queries. Which is typing on Search Engines?

Want to drive content, which is beat your competitors though, you’ll have to use long-tail keywords

There are different types of keywords out there…

  • Short-tail keyword
  • Mid-tail keyword
  • Long-tail keyword

There are various ways to find the list of keywords. You can use any one of them. So these are the main thing to write an SEO-Friendly Article in 2021

With the help of keywords, you can run your blog, page & website too

Whether you want to explore more keyword research though, you might follow this guide

Title Tag is the Key of Google Ranking

Most people don’t believe in it, But I’d love to tell you one thing, guys! If you can write an SEO-Friendly Article title then, you may get success

Therefore, I recommend you, before publishing your content. you need to ensure that. You have an eye-catchy title tag

Let’s become back to the point. What is an SEO-Friendly Title?

In short: you must use your prime keyword in your title tag, H2 & H3 too

I hope you make it well. Once you have done this thing then, you rank blog better than other

Make Your Introduction Intresting

The introduction is the key ranking factor according to some research studies! But Google doesn’t consider this simple strategy

Therefore, you will have to make it well-performing.

In a blog post, you need to ensure that, what topic you’re going to cover? You have to mention the little bit in the beginning

Actually, most users love to know about content in the beginning. Therefore, you have the great chance to grab this opportunity

Let’s check out another thing Or how to write SEO-Friendly Article this year?

On-Page Optimization

What is On-Page SEO Optimization? On-site optimization is the process of optimizing content according to search engine

So that, you can run your web content. To learn more about On-Page SEO you can learn various things!

Besides that, it is a very simple thing to do.

I hope you make it well. On-Page SEO is the main key to SEO-Friendly Article.

If you want to optimize your content properly though, you might use Yoast SEO. It is one of the best Free WordPress plugins today!

Well, let’s jump into the next step. And learn how to write SEO-Friendly Articles?

Write High-Quality Content

Whether you want to grab the #1 google ranking so, you should write high-quality content. Otherwise, you can’t run

That’s why? People say content is the king. I hope you got the answer.

Well, you need to write proper in-depth content. In this guide, you’ll learn about quality content Or how to write SEO-Friendly Article too

Probably, you’re one of them. who wants to learn more about Content Writing & SEO too.

In simple words: you have to write properly well, written optimized content.

Backlinko recommend, focus on your web content

Let’s finish this thing & watch another step,

Google Schema Markup Data Helper

Google Schema Markup Data Helper is one of the best free SEO tools for you, once you start using this tool

Then, you’d see another benefit. Besides that, you can use it easily!

On the other hand: It helps search engines to better understand your content

Hence, SEO experts highly recommend Schema Markup. Apart from that, you can use another tool also.

I hope you’re catching my points, whether you want to know more so, you could follow this guide

To make sure you could use, google schema markup checker. This is another tip to write SEO-Friendly Article

Page Speed

Page Speed is another Google ranking factor, therefore I mention this in this guideline. You have to ensure.

Page speed should be high otherwise, you can run your content. Therefore, most SEO experts focus on it

To check out your page speed. You can use these tools…

These are the best google page speed checker in 2021. To throw these tools, you can increase your site speed too

Let’s find out another thing, how to write an SEO-Friendly Article?

Internal Linking

Link building is one of the amazing ways to rank your content. Link building was also known as Internal Linking

To throw internal linking you can drive traffic to your other site’s page too. It is a way to inform google that

We have quality content. with this simple step, you can increase engagement as well.

One more thing, you need to retain in your hand. Link building is the part of SEO

So you need to keep trying to mention your own site page’s link. Whether you want to get more info so, you can get it anywhere

I’d love to say never stop learning in your life. Have you ever written SEO-Friendly Article?

If so then, that’s great because you can do better than other

Visual Content King

What is Visual content? To make your content amazing you need to ensure that, you are using visual content

There are samples of forms of visual content, you can use for anyone. Because this type of content form can boost your SEO ranking & helps to write SEO-Friendly Article too

Therefore, I recommend you, don’t forget to use visual content

There are various types of visual content out there…

  • Graphics
  • Videos / YouTube
  • Podcast
  • Images
  • Case Study

These are the stunning forms of visual content, now you have to decide for yourself. what type of content do you want to use?

Let’s have a look at & write SEO-Friendly Article this year…!!!

Content Length

Content is the king as you know well, but you need to ensure that, you have written in-depth. That’s why?

I’d love to tell you, you should write content in-depth so that, you can fulfill user desires. That’s actually, thing for you

I hope you’re getting my points, besides that. You can write well-performing content too.

In a simple way: ensure that, you have coved complete topic in-depth.


So, today guys! I loved everything about writing SEO-Friendly Articles. If you follow this guide though, you

If you don’t follow these guides to writing SEO-Friendly articles though, you can’t run web content. Therefore, I recommend you

Before jumping into this guide, you need ti to ensure that, you’re using SEO-Friendly Article writing

Everything is essential for you, don’t forget all these things. I hope you love it

To learn more about Writing Or how to write SEO-Friendly Articles so, you must follow these steps

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