The Golden Rule of SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021

Hello guys. I hope you’re doing well work! So today, In this blog post. I’m going to show the best Or Golden rule of SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021

Want to rank your site so, you just need to write high-quality content. otherwise, you can’t stand out of crowd

Therefore, I recommend you, first of all, you need to check out the previous blog post

so that, you can learn more about content writing guys!

In this field, you should have good knowledge about content writing skills

I hope you’re getting my points,

…and after reading this blog! You’ll be able to rank your content #1 google SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

Without wasting your prime time, let’s move to the main thing!

Pro: SEO is a different thing, so you need to ensure you’re good at SEO.

Let’s jump into SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 strategy

What is SEO Content Writing?

There are a lot of people out there, who really don’t have any idea about this thing.


However, you don’t worry about that, because here you’re going to learn everything about SEO Content Writing step-by-step

Let’s come back to the point,

There are two types of Content Writing out there…!!!

The big question is what is it? Normally when you write content for users that is.

Common content writing & if you write content neither users but also, keep in your mind Search as well

Though, you optimize content according to them.

There are various types of Search Engines in the market! Whether you want to check out so, you might click here

…and you can go to google & search on this site you’d get the Top 50 Search Engines list

In short: when you start writing then, you don’t need to keep your target audience in your mind, but you have to optimize your content for search engines too

I hope you got the answer, besides that, if you have any questions related to SEO Content Writing so

you may leave a comment below down! I’ll give you complete information again you guys

Let’s jump into the next step bloggers, and learn SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 strategy

SEO & Content Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of the drive free traffic to your website, blog & affiliate link too


There are three types of SEO…

In simple words: We need to do SEO because of traffic

That’s why? You must learn SEO basics & the most important thing is On-Page SEO ranking Factors 2021

after learning that, you will be able to rank your content better than other

Therefore, I recommend you, before starting a content writing career.

You must-have SEO skills.

Well, let’s see another thing once again guys!

What is Content Writing? When you write content for blog, website & more so, that is basically Content Writing

Content Writing is all about searching trending content & writing. If you have any questions so, you might ask on

How to Write SEO-Freidnly Article Fast?

Well, you can start SEO-Friendly Content Writing right now, you don’t need to think beyond

In this guideline, I’m going to show you the best practices to write SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021


Are you ready for that? If so then, comment me I’m ready for it…

Let’s get start it…!!!

Learn SEO-Friendly Content Writing. First of all, you need to give me one thing.

You don’t leave this blog post, otherwise, you can’t learn SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021

Write Eye-Catchy Title Tag Or H1 Tag

If you’re going to write an H1 tag then, you should write well optimize the title tag

…and make it simple so that, people can better understand your title meaning


For example: How to Write Content? How to Write SEO-Friendly Content?

Pro: Don’t for to mention your prime keyword in your title tag. and it should be 60 character

It is the first step of the SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 strategy for you bloggers & Content Writers too

Meta Description Must be Attractive

The meta description should be between 150-160 characters! And you have to write a description like a pro

One more thing, don’t forget about it. You should mention your prime keyword in your meta description.


I hope you’re catching my points, besides that. Whether you want to ask something related to meta description so

you may ask anything! I’ll give you complete information.

pro: whatever you’re going to show in your blog Or content. You have to give a little bit of idea in meta description

this thing gives you an SEO boost that’s why? You must follow these things

Let’s jump into the next thing, SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 tricks

URL Must be SEO-Friendly & Short too

When you go to google & search for something then, you would find some results.

after watching the SERPs you click someone else. Have you ever noticed that


there are various types of URLs out there, some URLs you can read but some URLs you can’t read

That’s why? I mention this thing in my blog post. You should have SEO-Friendly URL

So that, users can read it. want to see how to change WordPress URL then, you might read this guide

In this guideline, you will learn everything about URL structure

I hope you like this information, if so then, hit comment & write a superb blog

SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 strategy would give you comply knowledge

Competitors Research & Give More Value

Before writing a piece of content you must do competitors’ research! This simple tip will help you more

when you search any keyword, where you want to rank your content then, you find top 10 results


So you must check out the top 3 results. And trying to find new opportunities

You have to cover topics in-depth so that, you can fulfill users’ desires! One thing always keep in your mind

SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 is not easy to do. Though, don’t take it lightly

Otherwise, you might regret it. I hope you got the answer bloggers

There are various tools in the market for doing competitors’ research…!!!

Once you start & using these tools so, you will get an idea about your new content

Keyword Research is the Key of Blog Writing Secret

If you don’t do proper keyword research so, you can’t rank your content in SERPs. Therefore, I would love to tell you


Before start writing content, you must have a handful of keywords. So that, you can use them in your content writing strategy

There are various types of keywords in the market as you know well.

In fact, most people highly recommend the LSI Keywords strategy!

Whether you want to know about LSI Keywords research then, you may read this professional guideline

  • Short-tail keyword/ Online Marketing
  • Mid-tail keyword/ Online Marketing Class
  • Long-tail keyword/ Online Marketing Class in Mumbai
  • LSI Keyword/ Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Comprasion Keyword/ vs

Structure Your Content, Blog & Article as well

Content Writing is another thing, but you must have content, blog & web content structure skill

you can’t structure your content then, you might not good for it, that’s why? I recommend you don’t forget to make your content simple

In simple words: you should use proper H1, H2 & H3 tags & don’t lose bullet points too

make your sentence short & keep it simple also.

Let’s move to another SEO-Friendly content writing, 2021 step guys

Don’t Forget about Visual Content

There are various types of content in the market going on, you have to select according to your desire

whatever type of content is good for your web content. If you have an e-commerce store then, you must have Facebook, Instagram

In simple words: you must use Social Media Marketing in 2021

Let’s have a look at ample type of content…!!!

  • Image
  • Graphics
  • Info-graphics
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting

Once you start using this type of content on your site so, you would start getting good results

Therefore, I recommend you don’t forget about these things Or SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021

Check-out Content Before Publishing

If you have done content writing so, you must need to check-out content again

I’m not saying you can’t write good content. You must have high-quality content so, you can convert it into customer

The most essential thing is grammar must be correct.

otherwise, you may lose your site ranking! Google recommend trying to make your best content

In simple words: you must check out the entire content.

Whether you have any questions related to SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021? So you can talk to me on Facebook

Whether you find any issue so fix it, then you must publish it. Most people are going to wrong way because of this reason

Well, don’t worry because I’m with your body! SEO-Friendly content writing 2021 for you

Update Old Content

After some time you should watch your content performance. If your content is not going well

That’s means you just need to update old content. I hope you’re getting my points, besides that

Whether you have any doubt about this thing then, you may leave a comment below down!

To update your content, first of all, you must change your Heading Or H1 tag after

You must need to change some information. To get info about the content update

You might use the tool, there are ample tools in the marker. you can use one of them

Is SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 working? If so then, good for you

whenever you have stuck anywhere. Just hit comment. I’ll help you always guys

Improve Your Reading & Research Skills

To write well-performing content you must have good writing skills & research too


before writing content you must have good research. this will help you more

I hope you’re getting my points, well you should always need to do some research. Whatever topic you’re going to cover

After doing these things, you would get an idea about it. Therefore, I recommend you

Pro: SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 is part of SEO as well.

Keep trying to find out new research U& case study as well. SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 depends on it


If you want to write SEO-Friendly Content Writing 2021 then, you just need to cover it

Content writing is all about depending on you, therefore, making your mind fresh so that, you can get new ideas as well

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Cheer’s Sameer Ansari (Sam)

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