SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 (Search Engine Optimization)

Hey Blogger & welcome back again. I hope you are doing well work. So today! In this chapter, I’ll teach you about SEO Beginners Guideline 2021

Here, you are going to know SEO basics. Once you start using this info. So. You can do SEO from scratch.

But I recommend you before you start doing it. SEO you should know about some essential SEO tools.

And some Beginners Blogging tips & Tricks too. I hope you are getting my point,

Besides that, If you are a new blogger so, you should have the professionals blogging tool list

So that, you can do properly Search Engin Optimization in 2021.

I hope you are getting my points.

So without wasting your time. Let’s jump into this blog. Before starting this blog. This SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 will help you

One thing, you need to ensure, you are here for the right SEO info. Otherwise, you can’t do it

What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization is the process of Generator Organics Traffic or Drive to your website, landing page & Blog also.

In simple words: SEO help website you to rank yours in Search Engines like, & too

When you drive organics traffic to your site. That’s mean. Your site is ranking #1 (Largest Search Engine in the world)

What types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO out there. I recommend you don’t miss anyone.

Otherwise, you may lose a lot of traffic or opportunities as well. That’s why? Never take anyone lightly in 2021

With this SEO Beginners Guideline 2021. You can improve your Google ranking easily!

Let’s focus on SEO types…!!!

What is On-page SEO?


On-page SEO is also known as On-site SEO. In simple words: I would love to say. On-page SEO or to throw it. You Optimization entire content or blog

You need to optimize your Content according to Yoast SEO OR Rank Math too.

If you optimize your blog or content so, you can enhance your ranking chance also…!!!

You need to add the prime keyword in the H1 Tag, First 100 words & Meta Distribution as well

You can say, it is a ranking signal. I recommend you optimization your entire content to throw Yoast SEO

And you can take paid plan too. both are available in 2021. Being a new blogger, you can start from the Free version

It will help you more & more. That’s why?

You can start with the Free version in 2021. SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 would make you professional SEO

What is Keyword Research?


How do keyword research in 2021? It is a common question. Most people don’t focus on it

That’s why? They failed in their SEO career. Therefore I recommend you don’t take it lightly

Otherwise, you may not able to rank your content or blog post in 2021. There are various types of ranking factors out there

Google highly recommends 200 Google Ranking Factors for better SEO or rank also.

There are various types of keywords out there…

Most Recommend keywords

If you want to do keyword research so, you can use the free keyword tool also.

I recommend you don’t go for the paid plan. There are various types of keyword research tools out there

Keyword Research Tools…

I hope you are getting my points. with this SEO beginners guideline 2021. You can drive millions of traffic to your site

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO basically, you create a high-quality backlink. So that you can rank better than others

That’s why? Off-page SEO activity around backlink making or creating also. Here you have to make a backlink

What is Backlink?

When you connect or link your site or someone’s site URL to another site. That is call backlink

There are two types of backlinks out there…!!!

One out there. You can say, latest news. Google Highly recommend Do-Follow Backlink for better ranking

In simple words: Google Doesn’t count or recommend No-Follow Backlink in 2021

Google announces they don’t follow No-follow backlink in 2021

There are various types of Off-page backlink making techniques out there

But I recommend you don’t follow all the backlink-making tricks. Just focus on some tips & tricks also

Backlink should be high-quality, related to your site & updated content too

Besides that, you can check your SEO score in 2021. When you will go to Google and type SEO checker though, you will get a handful of tools

Today! I’ll show you an SEO basics checklist that will improve your ranking or generate traffic also.

With this checklist, you can do E-commerce site SEO easily. I want to teach you, How do you do SEO step by step?

What is Technical SEO?


In this chapter, I will teach you about technical SEO basics guidelines so that, you do better technical SEO

In simple words: Technical SEO, you need to add your site to Google Search Console & Google Analytics too

With these Free Google too can track your entire website. You can see here Click, impression, CTR & Average position as well

If you want to about Google Search Console. so. you can read this guide. How to add GCS?

Google Analytics will help you improve your website views, scroll & more information…!!!

How to add Google Analytics to WordPress in 2021? You can follow this guideline.

It will help you to get the right keyword for your website in 2021. If you follow these keywords so, you can get google ranking easily

Why is Technical SEO important?

To throw technical SEO, you can improve your WordPress site. And make next blog post strategy also

You can do technical SEO easily! There are various types of Technical SEO audit tools

How to do a Technical SEO audit in 2021?

In simple words: You can use paid tools for a better site audit. Before doing SEO. You should have Technical SEO tools

What are Technical SEO Audit Tools

There are various types of Technical SEO audit tools out there. You can use one of them

But recommend you some most popular SEO audit tools.

In simple words: I’ll show you the best SEO Audit tools

SEO Beginners guideline 2021 shows the reality of SEO in 2021. What do you know about SEO?

  • Ubbersuggest
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

I hope you like the info. with this SEO beginners guideline 2021. You may be a professional SEO Expert this year

Ensure you follow these SEO techniques & tricks also…!!! let’s jump into the next step…!!!

You should always use keyword research skills & analytics too. SEO Beginners Guideline 2021

SEO WordPress plugins for a better experience

Especially, made for a new blogger though, you have to choose the right path for better SEO or ranking in 2021

Passege Indexing Factor


What is Passage Indexing? This question is asked by people a lot of times. In simple words.

People were confused because of it. That’s why? They want to know more about or Passage indexing or Google announces

When you go to Google & search some in the Search bar so, you find the best results or any webpage link…!!!

That is related to your question & quire too. So, launce New way or path to get the best answer in less time

Which was Passage indexing. Now you go to google & type something, so. You will find the answer immediately

After that, you will see the webpage link.

In simple words: Now you have to write the best answer & Google only or first shows it

Ensure you have high-quality content, that provides the right information. Whether you want to know more so,

You can read this Ultimate guideline. Now You don’t need to do it on your site. You just have to write or professional content

Google won’t show your entire content, it shows your paragraph also.

I hope you are getting my points, so. DO you like SEO Beginners Guideline 2021

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Search Intent


While you doing keyword research so, you need to ensure you know about Search intent

Otherwise, you can not write or mention the important keyword in your content

So, let’s jump into. Search Intent. What is Search Intent?

Basically, you know people are searching everything on Google Nowadays! That’s why?

Google has to show the right results to people. That’s why? You need to analyze the SERPs.

And see what they are doing? You need to mention more. And try to write professional content as well

example: When you type SEO. Though, you find the results related to SEO beginners guideline 2021 & SEO Audit tools too.

Now you have to know about this situation. What do people want to get?

Basically, people or users want to get SEO beginners Guideline 2021 not the Best SEO tools list

I hope you got the answer. Whether you want to know more about it. Read this Guideline…!!!

In simple words: Try to make mind keyword & try to make a different piece of content

Let’s jump to the next topic.

Mobile-First Index

Mobile-First Index is another SEO beginners Guideline 2021. And SEO is another beginner tip for you guys

Before start making a blog, you should need to ensure! You have a mobile-friendly website or webpage too

Therefore, you should try to make your entire site mobile-friendly in 2021. Because of Search study!

98% of people love to utilize mobile compare to Desktop or Laptop also. That’s why?

You should focus out there! Otherwise, you may lose a lot of traffic for your website in 2021.

If you are a WordPress website user so, you can go with the AMP WordPress plugin

Want to read the Mobile-First Index guideline so, you can read it here.

How to make Mobile-Friedly site? So, you can suggest to other people try to use AMP (Asserlated Mobile Page)

In simple words: Make your entire site or webpage Mobile-Friendly!

So that, people can get your site on Mobile devices easily! SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 Cover everything!

What is the importance of SEO? Make sure you are getting my points, if so then, comment me & one share also.

Page Speed & Page Exprience


Being a blogger you should try to enhance your webpage speed. Otherwise, you may not get the enough traffic

That’s why? You have to focus on your website speed today!

Want to see your webpage or site speed & performance too. SO, you can do it right now

Free sites for webpage speed Tests…

If you go with these Free Google speed test tools, so you will get the best information.

Besides that, you can use more tools for getting the best google speed in 2021.


How to use SEO to increase traffic? So, you can use page experience.

It is a new Google algorithm for users! Now you have to focus on your webpage experience

If you have the best page experience so, you can stand in this crowd. Otherwise, you can not take a stand right now

Google announces page experience Algorithm in 2020. It is going to roll out in 2021

So basically, you need to ensure, you provide a high-quality page & content too.

Whether you want to rank in search engines.

SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 provides you latest updates & more info. Therefore, you should follow us

There are various page experience ranking factors out there! want to improve your page experience so, you can read this guideline

It will show you the right path. So that you can enhance your page Experience

Doesn’t matter what is your SEO level? You just have the Best SEO tools for beginners

Want to check your site SEO so, you can use small SEO tools. It is a free SEO tool for beginner

You can use google SEO guideline & SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 too. That will help you 100%

How to improve SEO? Though, follow this professionals SEO Beginners guideline 2021

SEO-friendly website design guidelines! You must follow

High-Quality Content

The most important SEO Ranking factor is Content quality. If you have high-quality content so.

You are the king! Otherwise, you can not beat anyone! That’s why? You should try to make your content professionally,

It will help you to increase your SEO traffic in 2021! That’s why? I recommend you don’t take lightly

Just do one thing, follow SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 right now. And start getting results from the first day

Write high-quality content & start ranking from the few days.

One more thing to keep in your mind. Content should be visual. And you should use the high-quality thing

There are various types of content out there…!!!

  • images
  • Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Charts & case studay

When you start using this kind of thing so, you will be able to beat anyone!

That’s why? Content should be professional & visual too. For more information

You can read SEO Beginners Guideline 2021. SEO Friendly content guideline also. Content length matter’s a lot in 2021

Optimization for Snippet & Knowledge Graph too


Once you have done these things! So you have to last. You must optimize your content for Feature snippet

There are various types of snippets out there! But you need to ensure you are using the right one

Otherwise, you may be stuck in 2021. That’s why? SEO Beginners Guideline 2021 going to cover everything

What do you need to do SEO? You must have to add Schema Markup in your blog post

What is Schema Markup? You just put the HTML code on your site.

For kind your information, there are serval types of Schema Markup.

Besides that, you have to follow all the SEO Beginners Guideline 2021. It will show the right thing.

Make sure they follow the right SEO basics guideline in 2021

Let’s jump into the next thing…!!!

Optimization your content around the Knowledge Graphic. If You want to know about it then,

you can read this guideline. It will show you. How to optimize for Knowledge graphics?

I hope you like this information. besides that, you can do more for SEO. SEO techniques beginners can support you

Essential SEO Beginners Guideline for the website owners. You should learn


I loved everything! What do you need to do in SEO? make sure you follow all things

Once you start using this thing so, you will get the best results! That’s why? You need to ensure this SEO Beginners Guideline 2021

I hope you will do it. Because if I can do so, you can also do it.

Besides that, you have to use these techniques in 2021.

SEO Beginners Guidelines 2021 made by professionals. SEO Beginners Guideline will improve you

One thing, could you please do it…!!!

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