On-Page SEO Ranking Factors 2021 (The Define Guide)

Hey Blogger & welcome back again. In this Chapter. I’ll show you, On-Page SEO Ranking Factors in 2021.

So that, you can Boost your SEO Ranking in 2021. I’ll cover everything step-by-step

Once you start using these On-Page SEO Ranking Factors though, you can drive millions of traffic to your site make sure you love it.

But before starting On-Page Ranking Factor, I would love to say, you should read about Off-Page SEO & SEO Basics too

So you can do your best, I hope you are getting my points, besides that. You can optimize your website content to throw it

So without wasting your prime time, let’s jump into this blog post. And learn more about On-Page SEO optimization…!!!

What is SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of driving organic traffic to your webpage & blog t00.

There are various ranking factors out there, but you need to do SEO step-by-step. It would give you the right path.

Make sure, you have information about SEO. If so then, you can do it easily! Otherwise, you have to face so many problems

In fact, there are three types of SEO…!!!

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

You need to divide your SEO project into three parts. Then you should start working on it

I hope you are getting my points, So without wasting your time, let’s jump into a step-by-step SEO Campaign

Well, let’s talk about On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?


On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing web content According to SEO guidelines. So you can Rank your content better than other

I know sounds crazy, but you have to optimize your entire site content.

How to optimize content? It’s common to question, most people really, don’t have an idea about it.

But you need to know about it, so that, you can Rank your content.

If you use WordPress then, it’s a very simple thing! But you have to focus on some plugins

Well, I would recommend you Yoast SEO plugin, it is one of the best On_page SEO Ranking Factors tools for you guys!

Besides that, you can use another one. There are various SEO plugins out there…!!!

But I recommend you go with Yoast SEO. I personally, utilize this one. And I’m using this plugin for around 1 year.

I always got stunning results.

Now it’s your turn…!!!

What is Off-Page SEO?


Off-Page SEO (Off-Site SEO) is the process of generating backlinks to your site.

Now you are thinking about Backlinks. What are Backlinks? When you connect your site link to another site. That is backlink

In this simple work! You create a high-Quality Backlink so that, you can boost your SEO Ranking in #1 Google

Link building is an essential part of SEO. That’s why? I recommend you don’t forget about it.

How to get high-quality backlinks? So I would say, there are ample ways to make a high-quality link for your site

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors are very useful for beginners. Well, Let’s move to another level…!!!

What is Technical SEO?


What is Technical SEO sounds hard? But you just don’t worry about that. because of today! I’ll show everything about it

Whether you want to know then, keep reading continuedly! It would provide you bright info

In technical SEO, you just have to focus on your site structure & Analtyics skills or tools too

Getting my points guys, After that, you have to fix those issues & analytics your insight so that.

You can do better more. This strategy always works so. Don’t beyond think

I have two tools for you,

These tools work for you, whether you want to know more then. leave a comment below down.

Follow these guidelines.

Why is On-Page SEO Important?


On-page SEO is the part of SEO that’s why? You need to work there. Apart from that, you can enhance your Ranking too

Without doing On-Page SEO. Off-page SEO is trash. Therefore, I would recommend you.

If you can’t do On-Page SEO then, don’t go for the SEO field.

because you can’t get the results! Therefore, you need to do a lot of SEO practices

In simple words: Optimize Content rank better than, Unoptimized that’s why? I recommend you

So, it is the first On-Page SEO ranking Factor for 2021.

let’s move to another one.

What Are the Best On-Page SEO techniques?

In this blog post. I’ll show the best On-Page SEO ranking Factors. Which will give you amazing SEO ranking

So I would love to say, Are you ready for that?

If so then, comment yes!!!

So without wasting your time, let’s jump into this blog post-dive deeper…!!!

Title tag or H1 Tag

As you well know about the H1 tag & Title tag too. But what is the best important on-Page SEO ranking factor?

One more thing to keep in your mind. The title should be between 50-60 Character! Recommend by Google

it is the question. When you start writing your content though, you have to add your prime keyword in your title tag or H1 tag too

Moz’s study proved that. Which site uses the prime keyword in the title tag. They are ranking better than other sites

Therefore, I would recommend you, before start writing your title mention your prime key phrase in your heading

It is one of the best On-Page SEO ranking factors. I would provide you more value.

H2 & H3 Heading Use

Content Writing is another thing! But do you about Content formating? If so then.

Sounds cool. Because you have the great chance to beat your competitors

Trying to put your content in a format. Format content loved by users. Everyone wants to get the proper info & well organized

Therefore, keywords mention in your H1& H2 tag or Heading.

Pro: If it is possible then put otherwise, no need to use it. Keyword density should be there. Make little paragraph

If you go with my blog post then, you would get 1%-3% prime keyword density.

Now you have to choose the right number

Well, again I would give you another tip. trying to get the LSI keyword in your content. LSI keyword helps a lot

make sure you did, proper keyword research. keyword research is another On-Page SEO Ranking Factor

I hope you are getting my points, if so then great guys. I’m glad for you

Pro: keyword should be long-tail.

Long-tail keywords rank better than short-tail keywords. There are various Free Keyword Generator Tools out there

You can use any one of them. let’s jump into the next On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

Keyword should be First 100 & Last 100 Words

keyword Density is another On-Page SEO Ranking Factor but you have to make sure one thing

Are you using the prime keyword in the first 100 Words? If yes then, congratulation guys

Because you are going the right way!

Pro: Trying to put the main keyword in the First para. it should be in the First para

Again next tip. You have to mention the prime keyword last 100 words. There is no way! Where to put the keyword in the blog ending

But make sure you will focus on these On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

So how do you like it?

Let me know guys I’m waiting for your comment

Meta Description OR SEO Descripition

meta Description should be attractive so that, people love it. But one more thing to keep in your mind. Search Engines bots don’t crawl it

That’s why? I mention this point, but you are not writing content only for Search Engines or Google.

You have to write content, neither Search Engine but also, you have to write users too.

because most people love to read it.

As you know! Without proper info. you can’t write attractive meta descriptions.

again next tip for you guys! mention your prime keyword in the meta description. You have to mention two times

the length of SEO-Friendly Meta Description is Between 150-160 Character

It’s another On-Page SEO ranking Factor. let’s see the next ranking factor

URL & URL Length too

URL sound is not an essential On-Page SEO ranking Factor but guys! It matter’s a lot. Therefore I mention it

Most people don’t talk about URL, but I would say, make your URL SEO-Friendly! Whether you want to rank content or optimize too

In other words: URL structure should be readable &lenght should be short

Short URL rank compares to long length URL. Therefore, I would recommend you change your URL length & structure too

Pro: Mention your Prime keyword in your URL, it would give you an SEO boost.

URLs are another On-page SEO Ranking factor! But some people recommend you don’t focus on it

URLs must be readable so, users can read them easily! Therefore, focus on it

Visual Content Matter’s in On-Site SEO

Content Writing is another thing! As I’m doing always, but what is Visual Content Marketing. It is the question.

When you start writing your blog post & webpage too. try to mention some essential things!

So that, users can spend their time a lot…

So I’m going to give you some important content formates…

  • High-Quality Images (JPG Format Recommended)
  • Videos/ YouTube
  • Graphics
  • Info-graphics
  • Charts

Once you start to mention this type of content then, you can attract more & more people

I hope you are catching my points. Apart from that. Whether you have any questions then. Leave comment Now

Pro: Alt tag must be used in images & Graphics too

Let’s jump into another On-Page SEO Ranking Factors.

Content-Length Matter’s in SEO

You very well know about the content. Content is the king! Therefore, I would recommend you just write in-depth content

When you start writing in-depth content then, your content gets automatic long-form.

Therefore, I recommend always trying to put high-Quality content. So you can grab people attention

Most people or Beginners bloggers avoid this mistake. A couple of months back ago.

I also used. Short-form content. But now you can see my content length

Because Backlinko highly recommend long-form content rank better to short-form

In simple words: I would love to say, trying to put your 100% in your content

You should learn Content Writing Skills. It would give you high-level content writing

Quality of Content SEO Ranking Factor

When you start writing quality content so, you need to keep it in your mind.

You are not just writing content, you are talking to some else.

If you think like this then, you can write quality content, which matter’s a lot.

Make sure you write quality content for your site.

pro: Always use I” & You”

I would give like one-to-one talk. Therefore, I recommend you never forget this content writing skill.

Most content writers use “we” which is not an attractive word. That’s why? Make your content like a professional

In other words: Make your content like, it’s your exam.

And you have to do or give your 100% then, you will able to make quality content

This is another On-Site SEO Ranking Factor today! Let’s get the next tip

Link Building On-Page SEO Factor

Link building is another SEO ranking factor in 2021. When you start writing quality content so, you need to mention a link

Link building is the most important On-Page SEO Ranking factor. There are various ways to get backlinks

but I’m talking about Internal links & External Link too.

You have to mention your other blogs or important page link. It would give you page rank

Whether you want to know about it. Then you can search on Google, where you will get millions of results

Next thing! You have to add another site links to yours. But you have to do link-building natural way!

Link-Building must be carefully, otherwise, you may heart your SEO Ranking

Pro: You must have Broken link info.

In fact, you can find out the broken links easily! You don’t need to check out the entire site

There are various broken links checked out there. You can use anyone, But I personally use the Free broken link checker tool

Apart from that, paid tools out there for broken link building! let’s face another On-Page SEO Ranking Factors

Original & Content freshness SEO Factor

One thing never does. Don’t copy past otherwise, Googe will punish your entire web pages & site too.

When you start your content then don’t copy any single word! Otherwise, you can’t get SEO ranking in 2021

Therefore, I would recommend it. you trying to put your original content. Don’t copy anywhere

The next thing or tip, I have for you guys! Google loves fresh content because Google wants to provide quality content

And valuable too. Therefore, you should update your old content. You can update your old content according to your desire or timing also.

But I would recommend you every post should be updated 1 time a week

Content freshness matter’s a lot. Now you have to do it yourself. Neil Patel highly recommend content adaptation

I hope you are catching my point, writing well & updating your old content according to your timing

Again, its On-Page SEO Ranking Factors will give you the best SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Content optimization is the key to SEO success

What Are the Best On-Page SEO Ranking Signals?

There are various On-Page SEO ranking signals out there. But you have to cover everything step-by-step in SEO

Here I’m going to give the best info about On-Page SEO. Now I just talk about Content level Ranking factors.

Let’s jump into the next step. You can say, page-level On-Page SEO ranking Factors

So without wasting your time let’s jump into the next thing!

Page Speed On-Page Ranking Signal


Before starting content writing you should at least but not least check out your page speed

You must have SEO-Friendly website speed in 2021. As you know well. Speed is everything today!

Therefore, I recommend you try to give the best page speed. It would give you SEO Boost in 2021

Make sure you have the Insight Page Speed tool. It will provide you compete for speed page info

Apart from that, you can another one. There are ample speed or webpage speed checker tools

Mobile-Friendly & User Experience


Today! People love to use a smartphone that’s why? Most people don’t use desktop devices nowadays!

Therefore, you need to ensure you have a Mobile-friendly website & web pages too.

Make sure you are using WordPress Plugin AMP. It would make your site Mobile version

The next tip, I have for you guys.

User experience matter’s a lot, therefore, you need to fulfill user desire! Therefore, most SEO expert works on user intent or Search intent

So this is for you another On-Page SEO ranking signals


Hypertext transfer protocol secure(HTTPS) & Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) Secure scale layer (SSL)

Is your website has SSL? If so then great news for you

Because it is another Google ranking signal. Google highly recommend SSL

Most hosting providers nowadays provide you FREE SSL such as Hostinger

TLD Domain Name & Social Icons

Do you have TLD? If so then, good for you guys! You should have a high-quality domain name

Therefore, before buying any type of domain name do some research. Trying to buy business-related domina name

Pro: keyword should be in Domain Name & Length doesn’t matter

Let’s jump into the next step guys!

Is your page layout is good & user-friendly? Then good news for you. You should have a simple webpage or blog layout

And you should use Social Media icons on your blog post.

I would help you to boost your SEO. I saw so many people forget about this On-Page SEO technique.

If you want to ask something personal question, though, you might talk to me on Facebook

Pro: Mention social icons in your blog & make a simple layout too.

It would provide you more & more users so that you can rank your website this year

Now, I coved everything about On-page SEO ranking factors yet


Do you like this blog post? tell me honestly. Guys, you have to follow these On-Page SEO ranking factors

Then you can rank your content this year! Most people don’t use this thing!

Now you have the great chance to catch this opportunity

I hope you will do it. because I can then everyone can do it…!!!

If you really like this then, on-page SEO ranking factors can help you a lot.

Though, I’d love to say, don’t forget to focus on on-page SEO ranking factors right now

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Thank you so much, guys

I’ll see you in the next blog post

May God Bless you & get Blogging suicide blogging career

Goodbye & Good luck

Cheer’s Sameer Ansari (Sam)

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    • Thank you so much bro for your feedback! I hope you make it well. Besides that, if you have any questions so feel free to hit comment.
      I’ll give you complete information, again thank a lot body! I’ll see you in the next blog post


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