On-Page SEO Checklist 2021 (The Define Guide)

Hey Blogger, I hope you are doing well & welcome back again. In this blog post. I’ll show you the best On-page SEO Checklist 2021.

Once you start using these proven steps though, you will start getting #1 Google Ranking in 2021.

Besides that, I have the best Free SEO Google Tools list for 2021. This will boost your ranking

So make sure you want to get the #1 Google rank. But I would love to say, want to boost your SEO in 2021.

So, you start to follow this complete guide…!!!


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What types of SEO?

There are three types of SEO. Where you need to do a lot of work. Otherwise, there are various ranking factors over there

But you need to keep your mind firstly here. So let’s get started on it.

But today, I’ll tell you only On-page SEO. After some time. I will give you complete information one-by-one

Off-page SEO & Technical SEO as well. So don’t worry about that. You just need to focus on it.

In this blog, I’ll give you the professional On-page SEO Checklist 2021. So that you can boost your ranking or #1 Google rank

What is On-page SEO?

In On-page SEO, you optimize the entire Content & (also known as On-site SEO) You need to optimize (Title Tag, Meta Tag, or Meta Description & URLs) as well

On-page SEO you have to Write the entire Content According to SEO. So that, you can rank #1 Google

And you have to make sure. Blog posts should be SEO-friendly! Otherwise, you may not able to rank

On-page SEO tools


Are looking for the best On-page SEO Free tool though, you have the best free SEO tool.

Yoast SEO is one of my favorite tools. Because I use WordPress that’s why? I love to use Yoast SEO

In this plugin, you will find amazing features. Which will give you stunning information. Therefore, I recommend you don’t miss it

Apart from that, you can use another On-page SEO Free tool.

Besides that, If you want to get the best free WordPress Plugin then, you may have this amazing checklist for 2021

Well, I hope you like this information…

Today, I’ll give you a basic on-page SEO checklist 2021.

In other words: this is an on-page audit tool

On-page SEO Checker


Want to check out your or Compititeiors On-page SEO though, you must multiple sources. Which will give you complete information

So, without wasting your time. Let’s jump into this blog, so, you have two options for checking or On-page SEO checker tool

There are two types of On-page SEO tools.

Besides that, I have one Google Chrome Extention free On-page SEO Checker tool for you

With this tool, you can analyze the entire page easily. But you have to keep the thing in your mind. Don’t follow one tool

Besides that, you have to use your brain as well. Because of None like your brain. So, make sure you have the best ON-page SEO Checklist 2021

Start doing something different from others then, you will stand out of crowd in 2021

In other words: this On-page SEO checklist 2021 w”ll boost your ranking easily! And you can check on-page SEO online as well

On-page SEO Content Writing


If you are good at Content writing so, you have done almost half the work. Because of content writing.

So, you must have Content Writing skills. So that you can know more about your target audience & their desire also.

Most people forget about it, this is the reason they don’t have enough website traffic. Therefore, I recommend you

First of all, you need to improve your Content Writing! And you need to know about users’ intent.

Before starting ON-page SEO you just need to focus on your writing skills & Grammer errors

If you have no idea about it then, you may use the free Google Chrome Extension

I recommend you the free version because of the lack of money! There are various types of free Grammar checker tools over there

And you have arranged your content according to SEO. And you have to write two or three lines paragraphic

If you use bullet points so, this is good for you, besides that, you may use #Hastags also…!!!

Eventually, I would love to say, want to learn content writing from scratch then, you must have or follow this stunning guideline in 2021

How to Choose Keywords for SEO?


Keywords or Keyphrases are all the same thing, now you are thinking that. What are keywords?

When you go to Google & search for something about it. So that is a keyword or quire

After that, you got the answer & you choose the right result for you

Three types of Keywords

I recommend you, use long-tail keywords so that, you can target multiple keywords throw one

Therefore, I use long-tail keywords always…!!! And you have to select low competition also.

On-page SEO techniques 2021 is the best for you, once you start using these tactics then, you will get stunning results

Keywords selection is the main point in On-page SEO Checklist 2021

SEO Friendly Title or H1 Tag


If you have any kind of blog, but you need to write their SEO Friendly Meta Tittle or Tag so that people click on it

Now you are thinking that What is SEO Friendly Title?


This is not a big deal, you just need to mention your prime keywords in your H1 tag or Meta Title as well

Because Search Engines & users can get their answers fast or know about it…!!! Therefore, you have to Write your main keywords in the title tag or H1 tag

When you will go to Google & search something then, you would find most SEO experts use prime keywords Beginning of Title

One more thing, you need to keep in your mind. The title should have good science.

Otherwise, people or users won’t on it…!!!

Therefore doesn’t matter where is your main keywords but it should be there. This is the main thing

Length of Title should have between 50-60 Character. According to SEO Experts in 2021

This is the best On-page SEO checklist 2021 for beginners

Meta Description


As you know well, the search engine knows about its meta description. Therefore, you must have to mention keywords in the Description

So that, people get your page easily! This is the best ON-page SEO Checklist 2021 tip for you

So, you need to write a creative description so that, people get your attention easily!

The length of the meta description is between 150-160 words, it is SEO friendly description length

Make sure you have a professional meta description.

In simple words: mention your prime keyword in the meta description

The meta description should have Unique. And SEO-friendly also.

Keywords First 100-150 words

Your main keywords should have 100-150 words so that people or users can get answers easily!

Because of search intent, everyone wants to get an instant answer. Therefore, you need to mention prime keywords first 100-150 words

This tip will help Search Engines to know! What is about the blog?

And users also will trust you because they want the best answer, therefore, you have to build your trust

As I told you also. about my blog post in the beginning. If you notice I mention my prime keywords in the first 100-150 words


You must have long-tail keywords so that, Search Engines get you more…!!!

Today, I’ll give you complete information about On-page SEO Checklist 2021

SEO Friendly URLs

What are SEO Friendly URLs? Have you ever notice that some website site have ugly type URLs

Which is not SEO Friendly URL? Therefore, you have to make sure your site has a short & SEO friendly URL

One more thing, this is the ranking factor or On-page SEO factor in 2021

If you have a WordPress site then, this is amazing for you, because you do it easily!

You just need to click on setting & click permalinks. And you will get the post name option.

In other words: click on the post name URL & save the change

And you need to mention your prime key phrase in your URL. So that users get more & Search Engines also.

Therefore, I recommend you make your URL short & mention your main keywords also…!!!

The website should have on (without www) because of SEO friendly URL, this technique will help you in On-site SEO

Key-Phrase Frequence

There is a myth about keyphrase frequency. Some SEO experts say it should have 2-3% or some says,

Keywords frequency doesn’t matter. But I would say, if you mention your prime keywords many times though, this will help to Search Engines

And search engines will get your post soon. Search Engines will get more about your content therefore, you need to mention keywords

In simple words: use keywords near about, 1% I’m saying, you because I use them. And you won’t believe it

It works very well, apart from that you may use Yoast SEO after that, you get the right answers how many times you should use

I recommend you, use keywords naturally, Don’t do keyword stuffing. Because this may spoil your content

Therefore, Work carefully, And don’t think over. In this case, you need to do some experiments. After that, you will get the right answer

I hope you like this or On-page SEO checklist 2021 tactics. If you want to know, In-depth then,

You may follow this Ultimate guideline, please keep smile & please do experiments on a daily basis

Internal Linking

Internal linking is one of the best On-page SEO ranking tactics in 2021. But you need to do internal linking naturally

If you have New page so, you may link to another page, In simple words: Which page is ranking you can connect with it?

You can this is a page rank tip, which always works for me. Some time back ago. I used this thing, and it worked

Therefore, I thought, you just need to know this thing, But I’m not saying. Unnaturally

One more thing, use anchor text so that users get more information about…!!! Internal linking will grow your DA & PA also.

External Linking

If you have a website to need to add your site to another site also. So that you can rank your site better, therefore, you must have a high-quality link

If you have only internal links so this is not good for you, because you need to outbound linking too,

Which is essential for a good website…!!! But you have to attend to some points.

  • High-Quality backlink
  • Relevance Backlink
  • Informative Content

Whether you have these things, so this is a good outbound link. One more thing, this link will help you to rank #1 Google

Therefore, you should use a high-quality backlink to your site. I hope you like this information

Besides that, if you have any questions & quires then, you may let me know. I’ll give you complete information

Image Optimization

Whatever you have done in your on-page SEO? But you must have the right image optimization.

Otherwise, you might not rank better. One more thing, you have to keep in your mind. image size, file type & filename should have a professional

In simple words: use JPEG image type

You must have mention your keywords in the filename.

If you use WordPress then, you must have 640*360 this is the best size of WordPress image

Well, you must have a graphics image. Which works better than others?

If you want to know more about image SEO then, you may follow image optimization guideline

This is the best On-page SEO checklist 2021 tip for you


Once you start following these steps then, you will start getting amazing results.

therefore, I recommend you don’t miss anything of these steps in 2021

Follow these on-page SEO checklist 2021 for better results, if you have the professional optimize on-page SEO then

You don’t need to do or a lot of work in 2021. Follow us

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