Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors 2021 (The Define Guide)

Hey Bloggers & welcome back again. In this Chapter. I’m going to teach you about Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors! What is Trending Now?

Make sure you like these, Off-page SEO ranking factors. But I would love to say. Don’t forget to about On-page SEO too

Otherwise, you may lose your site traffic. And you can not drive millions of traffic to your site…!!!

At least but not least! You should read about google Ranking Factors 2021.

Which are essential for you OR New Bloggers too. Once you start using this google ranking factor or Backlinko

Though, you can rank your site #1 Google easily!

But you have to do or focus on a lot of things. Otherwise, you may fail. It will help you in SEO as well

So, guys without wasting your time, let’s jump into this blog post…

Page Speed Off-Page Factor

As I told you so many times. Now you can imagine that. How important it is?

If you agree with me then, Comment me yes! I’m


I know it’s crazy! But it is a true thing! In 2021, Webpage speed matters! Or you can say, it is a google ranking or off-page factor

Therefore, I would love to say, don’t forget to focus on your site speed. make sure you will check it right now!

For checking your site speed. You can use various types of tools.

But I’ll give the best page speed checker tools…!!!

In fact, site speed should be high so that, you can drive or get more & more traffic.

How to improve website speed?

It is a very common question. Because of a lot of time. I listened to this thing, that’s why?

I’m talking about it. So, I would love to say, you don’t need to learn technical Skills

I’m going to show you some essential WordPress Plugins. Which can help you or enhance your site speed too…

Best WordPress plugins for speed enhance…!!! Besides that, you can improve your site speed by throw this guide.

These are the best Off-page SEO ranking factors tools or plugins for you guys!

Just go to your site & try again & again. What may be the right plugin? You just have to check your site

I hope these WordPress plugins will improve your site speed

What is Off-Page SEO?

If you ask me, what is Off-page SEO? Then I will tell you or give you. simple answer.

Which is linkbuilding. Basically, Off-page SEO activities are all about backlink creation & improving website performance too

I hope you are getting my points, besides that. Whether you want to know about backlinks so, you can read this guideline

Here you will get in-depth information about Backlink.

But I want to say. you must have basic knowledge about Off-page SEO information.

So that, you can improve your site ranking in Google or Other search engines

For improving your Off-page SEO can use Off-page tools. There are various types of SEO tools out there

You can go with anyone. But I want to say, before doing SEO. You must have an analytics report.

So, you can create a high-quality strategy for your better SEO ranking

Most essential Off-page SEO tools…

Today! I’ll give the best Off-page SEO ranking factors. Which will give you an SEO boost in 2021

Content Off-Page SEO Factor

High-quality content is the best, that’s why? I recommend you before starting blogging or content writing

You must have the best Content writing skills. Which will help you a lot. SO make sure you have these content writing tips & tricks

One more thing to keep in your mind always! And please don’t forget otherwise, you may regret

Content is the King & it will be always! Therefore, ensure you have this skillset in mind

Again content should be in-depth & informative too. So that, user can get the best answer also.

Besides that, I want to say, there are ample types of content out there.

Where you should focus on it. But I’ll provide you the best content marketing strategy

Let’s watch some content forms…!!!

  • Graphics
  • Info-graphics
  • Videos
  • Podcasting
  • High-Quality images

When you start to mention these kinds of content on your site so, you will start getting amazing & different types of results

I hope you are getting my points! Content Writing another digital marketing skill

You must have it. So you can not survive in this online era! This is the second Off-page SEO ranking factor in 2021

Off-Page SEO Keyword Factor

What is the keyword? The keyword is a quire which is typed by a google user.


When someone types something in the Google Search bar though, that is the keyword.

Like you want to see the best watch in India. Then what will you do?

Let me know. but you don’t need to tell me. because I know you will go to google & type best watch in India.

It is your keyword. I hope you got the answer.

Let’s jump into the next phase…

How many types of keywords?

In fact, there are ample types of keywords out there. but today! I’ll show the best keywords

Which I use in my blog post or Website too. Ensure you are using this keyphrase

Whether you want to enhance your Google ranking so, you should have these amazing keywords list in 2021

Or Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors list also. So without wasting your time. Let’s jump into this blog dive deep

Types of keywords…

Besides that, you can do keyword research for free. There are various free keyword generator tools out there

You can use one of them. make sure you like this tool.

For getting more info. You can check out this guideline…!!!

NOTE: always use the long-tail keyword. It will improve your google ranking! Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors always works

Backlink Off-Page SEO Factor

What are backlinks? In simple words: when you connect your site or someone else.

Though that is a backlink. or when you start linking your site link to another site then, we get a backlink


How many types of backlinks?

There are various types of backlinks out there. I recommend you always use Do-Follow Backlink

Google Officially announces they don’t use No-Follow Backlink. Whether you want to know more about

DO-Follow & No-Follow then, you can read this guideline! If you go with this guideline then,

You can create high-quality backlinks easily! That’s why? I recommend you don’t forget to read this guideline

NOTE: Before doing off-page SEO. You should check out. Broken link.

If you want to check or see a broken link then, you can utilize the free tool. Which will tell you about the broken link

A broken link can hurt your Google ranking! Therefore, don’t forget about it…!!!

Linkbuilding is the third number in google’s ranking factor list. So never forget about it.

Let’s dive into another Off-page SEO Ranking Factors

Site Design Off-Page SEO Factor

Website Design is another off-page SEO ranking factor today! Most SEO experts recommend it


Never negated this thing! Because if you have an old version site design then, you can’t get SEO ranking

I hope you are catching my points! Besides that, you must have an SEO-Friendly website design so.

People get to learn more about your business or products too. Ensure you have a professional site design

If you want to about SEO-Friendly site design then. You can read this guideline

It would improve your site design & Off-page SEO ranking factors too.

Most people avoid this thing! You can say, it is common beginners blogging mistake or business as well

Make your site clear navigation & easy to use. So people can understand more & more

For more info about site Design though, just do one thing…

Ask me how? I’ll provide you the info.

let’s jump into the next Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors…!!!

Essential Elements Site Factor

If you have a blogging website or business site. That’s doesn’t matter. the thing is you are giving them essential things

I mean, you are providing everything! What do they want to see & use? Because of this reason most beginners fail their blogging career

As you know! When someone comes to the site so, the user doesn’t want to go to another site! That’s why? You have to give them everything!

NOTE: If you have an e-commerce site then, you have to add. Phone Number, Currency converter, Products images, location & more

So they have faith in you, being a blogger. I know what to do?

Though, According to your business add your business-related things to your site.

In other words: Off-page SEO ranking factors depends on these things! Make sure you have it…!!!

GMB Off-Page SEO Factor

GMB (Google My Business) is another off-page SEO ranking factor today! Therefore, I recommend you make your GMB account


It can help you to get local business calls. To throw you can get a lot of website views, calls leads & more

That’s why? I recommend you please list your business on GMB. Off-page SEO ranking factors focus on it…

Therefore, you need to focus on it. just do one thing! update your listing on the daily basis

You can add your real business info. So you can enhance your site or business visibility too

Today! I’ll give you a complete off-page SEO tutorial.

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing then, it can hurt your site ranking.

Want to about GBM content then, you can read this guideline as much as you can

I hope you can do it, GBM is not a big deal though. Don’t worry about that…

Let’s jump into the next off-page SEO ranking factors!

Bing Webmaster Tool

Want to drive UK, USA & Canada traffic to your site then, you can use the Bing webmaster tool. It will give you the right way!


Once you add your site to Bing webmaster so, you can drive high-quality traffic to your site

I’m also using the Bing webmaster tool. Apart from that, you can add here multiple sites with one account

In simple words: the Bing webmaster tool looks like a Google webmaster tool.

It would provide you website insight, that will help you or Off-page SEO ranking factors too

Make sure you have the bing webmaster tool, you can track your page & keywords also.

And for kind your information, let me tell you. Microsoft is the new-new feature to this tool

Bing webmaster is completely free, you don’t need to pay anything!

There are various benefits of using the bing webmaster tool in 2021. Off-Page SEO ranking factors work well with this tool

Schema Markup Off-Page Factor

After making the Unique content you have to promote your blog. But you are not getting results!

What is the reason? Let me know!


The reason is the Schema Markup code. What is it?

With the help of Google Structured Date Markup Help! You can make it easier! You don’t need to learn coding or any language.

Schema Markup is like an HTML code. Which you have to put on your site. It would help Search Engines to better understand your blog

In simple words: Search Engines knows better with Schema Markup about your site & Blog too

For testing your site markup! You can use the Google Structured Data testing tool

Let me tell you guys! Both Tool 100% Free which is made by Google.

That’s why? I recommend you don’t forget about Schema markup! There are various types of schema markup out there.

  • JSON-LD (Recommend by Google)
  • Microcode
  • RDFs

Now you have to choose the right schema markup! So want to rank your site better than others!

Though, take the Google’s tools benefit right now!

Apart from that, various tools in the market. But I recommend you always use Google’s! These are Off-page SEO ranking factors

Mobile-First Index OR AMP

Doesn’t matter whatever your site type. It may be a blogging site & business site also.


Always do one thing! Keep your site or blog Mobile-First Index. 98% of people love to use it today!

Just 12% of people use desktop! That’s why? You need to make your site or blog mobile-first index

It can grow your blogging traffic if you focus out there!

Make sure you have a mobile-friendly blog &website as well. Off-page SEO ranking factors highly recommend it

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Let me know in the comment session. If so, that sounds cool guys! Ensure know about the mobile version

Whether you have a WordPress site then, you can use the AMP plugin, it would help you & make your site mobile-friendly

Everything should be clear on mobile devices. Because user experience is another off-page SEO ranking factors

Video Marketing or YouTube

YouTube Marketing is another off-page SEO ranking factor. As you know! A lot of people love to watch videos not read content


That’s why? You have a good chance to take these opportunities! Now you have the world’s best video platform. where you can upload unlimited content. When you start making videos though, you can drive millions of traffic to your blog

That’s why? Most businesses use this strategy in their business

So they can generate high-quality leads. With this tip, you can build your brand presence online

Pro: I’m not talking about YouTube Marketing, you can go with Instagram Marketing & Facebook Marketing

Where you can create your followers & drive your blog or website. If you want to about video marketing then,

You can read this ultimate guideline. It would give the better ROI

Video marketing benefits…

  • Brand Building
  • Truth Building
  • Organics Reach
  • Drive Traffic
  • Online visibility or presence
  • 100% Free Platforms

I hope you like this information, besides that want to ask anything then comment me

let’s jump into the next off-page SEO ranking factors…

E-A-T Off-page SEO Factor

Google E-A-T is another Google ranking factor. What is E-A-T? (Experts authorities & truth)


You must have your content niche everything information. Because without info.

You are not able to increase E-A-T.

Therefore, don’t take it lightly!

If your content has these three things then. There is a strong possibility that. You are going the right way!

Before making a blog post, you should have a focus on these three things. Then you can play a long-term game. Otherwise,

You might fail. make sure you have content writing & blog writing skills. because without these skills.

You can’t survive today! That’s why?

According to my, it should be mandatory in content writing…!!!

Once you start improving your E-A-T then, you will start gaining better ROI.

Google highly recommends E-A-T rules!

let’s jump into the next Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors 2021

Why is Off-Page SEO Important?

Off-Page SEO is a very essential part of the entire SEO. As you know well. There are three types of SEO out there

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

If you follow this SEO then, you can rank the site in #1 Google! This is the reason behind it.

Off-Page SEO is difficult. Most people ask me why Off-page SEO is difficult?

So guys. The reason is in front of you guys. As I mention above various factors out there

Therefore, you need to learn properly SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In simple words: Without a high-quality backlink, you might not rank your site in 2021

The Backlink should have some essential things. Backlink should be related to your niche, blog & relevance also.

One more thing, I recommend always for new bloggers. Keep yourself updated every day!

So without wasting your time, let’s move another Off-page SEO ranking factor next level

Off-Page SEO Benefits

There are various types of Off-page SEO benefits. This can help you more & the best is Google ranking

What are the most important off-page SEO techniques? Though, I’ll say. these tips are the most essential for you

SO without wasting your time, let’s jump or watch. Off-Page SEO benefits right now

Make sure you have done Off-page SEO all things…!!!

  • Enhance SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Drive millions of traffic
  • Brand Building & Influence Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Ad-sense Apparel

These are the best most common off-page SEO ranking factors benefits

Besides that, you can watch more. Do one thing just take time & work hard daily! Learn, Apply & Share as Digital Pritake says.

make sure you like this info. Let me know guys. I’m waiting for your Feedback

How do I Track Off-Page SEO?

Want to track your off-page SEO ranking factors though, you can use Google tools.


This will help you more but you don’t have faith in only these tools. You can use more.

First of all, I recommend you Google Search Console, it is one of the best Off-page SEO ranking factors tracker tools

with this tool, you can know about your site errors, click, impression, CTR & position too…!!!

The next tip I have for you bloggers. Google Analytics another off-page SEO ranking factors tracking tool

With this amazing free tool, you can check your site activity step-by-step! Which would provide you high-quality info

That would make a perfect blogger or SEO expert too.

Ensure you are using these amazing free tools. After that, let me know.

What happened? When you used these tools. Off-page SEO Ranking Factors are not easy to do

If you are still using that’s wonderful. Comment me I’m using it.

Let’s move to another off-page SEO ranking factor.

Off-Page SEO VS On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is basically, related to your link building & website right structure & On-page SEO is related to content

Last but not least, I would love to say, both are important for the SEO process. With Off-page & On-page

You can’t do or Rank your site #1 Google or Other search engines in 2021

Therefore, I recommend you don’t take these things lightly in 2021. Otherwise, after some time you may regret

Are you agree with me? Let me know, I’ll give the reply

I hope you are getting my points! If you have any questions related to Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors though, you might connect with us on Facebook

In fact. Nobody can’t leave anyone. You have optimized your content properly & created a high-quality backlink too

It’s time to say goodbye to Off-page SEO ranking factors. Because of this blog post.


In this chapter or Blog post. I try my level best. Besides that, if you have any questions & quires then

Let me know! I’ll give you complete information. With this info. You can start doing Off-Page SEO properly

If you have any factors, what I leave then please let me know?

Again I’ll write more informative content. because I want to make you a professional blogger & SEO expert also.

Today! I covered Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors. What matter’s a lot?

Thank you so much for listening to me

I’ll see you in the next blog post

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