How to Monetize Blogging Sites in 2021?

Hello Freinds & welcome back again, In this blog post. I’m going to show you, how to Monetize blogging sites in 2021.

Once you start using these things. So you’d make a lot of money without investment, but you should have passion.

Otherwise, you can’t get your prime goal in your life Or blogging career as well.

I hope you make it well, besides that, you can enhance your content writing skills & more too.

One thing you should always keep in your mind guys. Content Writing is the main part of SEO

Though, I recommend you never take it lightly. Some time back ago. I used this simple thing. After that, I lost so much traffic & money as well.

Therefore, I don’t want to that, you make the same mistake that I did in my previous days.

Let’s come back to the main goal. If you have a blogging site then, you should have a good monetization option

Otherwise, your blogging site is trash.

That’s why? Today, I’m going to show you everything step-by-step.

SO without wasting your time let’s jump into this blog post, and learn more about how to monetize blogging sites in 2021?

Google AdSence

Doesn’t matter what type of website you have? If you have high-quality content though, you must go with google Adsense

It is one of the finest ways to monetize blogging sites in 2021. Most bloggers recommend you don’t go with it


Hence, you didn’t get success to get google AdSense approval. Therefore, you should try it,

If you want to know more about Google AdSense then, you may follow this guide. In this guide, I’m going to show everything

In short: Google Adsence approval crite area. I hope you love it.

Google AdSense is the most popular way to make money online Or monetize blogging sites as well. Once you start using it

Then, you won’t go to another platform. Let’s jump into the next way to monetize blogging sites. is the second-largest hub of monetization in 2021. If your website is based in UK, USA & Canada then, you have a great chance to make more money

As you know very well. If you’re getting UK, USA & Canda Click so, you may abosulaty make more money as compare to Indian traffic


Therefore, I recommend you, after a long time, you do still not get google AdSense approval then, you don’t need to worry about that

Because you can get approval from, but you should have these countries traffic.

Hence, most bloggers don’t love to go with

After getting the approval, you’ll make money as much as you can. Apart from that, whether you want to know

How to get Approval? Then, you can go with this guide

To throw this guide, you’ll make money as much as you want. I hope you love it,

Apart from that, if you want to know how to get these countries free traffic then, you can go with this guide

Alright, it’s time to see another way to monetize blogging sites in 2021.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the finest way to make money online. If you have this skillset then, you can monetize your blogging site easily

It’s not a big deal, you just need to promote other products & services as well. To make it the easy way, you can use your own skill blogging


Once you start writing a piece of content then, you’d find a way to promote product & service too.

Therefore, you don’t need to depend only on google AdSense the way. One more you need to retain in your mind guys

There are various types of ways to make money online to throw monetize blogging sites in 2021.

In this simple process, you need to generate organic traffic so that, you can sell your products & services as well

I hope you’re getting my points, besides that,

There are two types of Affiliate Marketing today!

Whatever type you select, you have to deal different-different problems. Though, I recommend you a free way to start your journey

Alright, let’s come back to the point. The is the next big thing which is affiliate marketing

Want to learn more about it, so you can go with this professional guide. In this blog guide, you’ll learn everything step-by-step

Let’s check out another way to monetize blogging sites this year.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the fastest way to get high-quality backlinks easily! But you have to pay for it, now sounds cool

If you have a website but you’re not getting approval though, you can go with guest posting as well


There are various types of SEO experts who recommend different types of ways to get quality backlinks. but you need to ensure that, you have premium backlinks

In this simple way to have to rank your site then, you’ll rank your content. After that, you will get the email for guest blogging

If you have any questions related to guest blogging Or posting then, you can read this guide.


So guys, can you just let me know do you like these ways to monetize blogging sites in 2021?

If so then, hit comment yes. I’ll check & give a gift too

Having a website is not a big deal but you need to make sure that, you have the right way to monetize blogging sites

Otherwise, you’ll work hard and not get good results.

In simple words: I’d love to tell you guys. Once you start following these ways though, I make sure that

You get professional income by blogging. Now I’d love to tell you one thing, guys.

If you have any questions related to blogging & monetize blogging sites though, you may follow us on Facebook

Where I’ll give you answers. I hope you love that.

Thank you so much, guys. And I’ll see you in the next blog post

I hope you will make it well

God bless You. Follow us

Goodbye & good luck

I’ll see you soon bloggers

Cheer’s Sameer Ansari (Sam)

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