Google Search Console Insights Guide 2021

Hey Bloggers & welcome back again, In this guideline. I’m going to breakdown the secret of SEO Or Google Search Console Insights Guide

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It will help you to improve your SEO practice so that, you can enhance your Content Marketing Strategy as well

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In short: Google Made Google Search Insight special for Content Creator

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In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the google search console insights guide…!!!

What is Google Search Console Insights?

Google Search Insights made by google team. If you want to drive more traffic though, you will have to provide some value


otherwise, you might not get the free traffic, therefore, google launched google search insights

It will help you to find out the right content for your audience.

Apart from that, this will give you your google analytics & google search console information as well

To get this Or google search insights, you just need to use the same email.ID so that, you can connect it easily!

Once you start using this google free tool then, you start getting amazing insights

I hope you’re getting my points, besides that, whether you want to track your high-performing piece of content

So this would give you essential information.

Want to access it so, you need to login into your Google Search Console Dashboard.

There you’ll get this access. I hope you’re catching my points,

Google launched its beta version in 2020. In 2021 google officially roll out globally

In short: Google made this tool for Special Content Creators

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Well, without wasting your prime time, let’s jump into this thing guys

Difference Between Google Search Console & Google Analytics

What is a google search console? Google search console to track your website issues

besides that, you can fix them with this free SEO tool as well.


Therefore, SEO experts recommend, don’t forget to get google search console access Or add your site to google console

Back in 2015, people call it the google webmaster tool. But over the period of time

google change the name & give a new direction.

In simple words: Now people call it to google search console

Why You should use Google Search Console?

If you want to improve your google Or SEO ranking so, google search console plays the main role

whether you avoid it so, you might lose a lot of free traffic, besides that, you can improve your google tranking & more

With this free tool, you can submit sitemaps to your site.

…and you can also check out your site speed & another error too

now you may be got the point, why you should use google search console?

In this blog, I’m talking about Google search console insights!

Though, don’t forget to learn this thing body!

What is Google Analtyics?

Google Analytics is another way to track your site performance. But there is the thing!


when the users interact with your site then, google analytics your performance

will show you real-time users engagement! Therefore, you must have GA4 access

With this free tool, you can check out page views, clicks, impressions & more things

whatever you need, it’ll show you everything step-by-step.

Therefore, a professional webmaster highly recommends it…

On the other hand: GA4 is related to your site engagement

Pro: In 2021, google officially announced google analytics now GA4. So you don’t need to think over abut it

Whether you want to check out the GA4 interface though, you might read this guideline

This will show you everything step-by-step process. It’s another google search console insights guide for you

How Can I improve my CTR?

What is CTR? Click throw rate is called CTR. Now the big question is how to improve CTR?

Actually, it’s a very simple thing, everyone can do it easily!

Want to improve your CTR so, you must need to improve Or to write eye-chay Title tag Or H1 Tag as well

There are various types of Heading analytics tools out there, you can use one of them

Don’t forget about this thing!

Blog, Article & Web Content Title make the people click on your blog post

In short: whether you have a professional title so, you can improve CTR

Indirect this thing, improve your SEO ranking & google will your site boost

For improving your CTR you should use the Google search console, where you will get complete information

You check out your pages, keywords & top quires as well

As you can see above the image, I recommend you never forget to add your site with GSC

it is one of the best parts of the google search console insights guide. I hope you’re enjoying it

How Do I use Google Insights?

Google Search Console Insights guide helps me to find out the best performing content

Not only this thing, but I use it for multiple purposes as well

So that, I can find out the most trending content & how users finding me on google

there are various types of benefits of using google search console insights guide

That’s why? I personally use it. Make sure after reading this blog post

You would love to use the google search console insights guide. Some time back ago.

I also don’t have faith in this thing! I used google search console & GA4 as well. But with the help of google insights

I’m able to improve my content & getting good results! That’s why? Today I strongly believe in it

let’s break down the one-by-one google search console insights guide today!

There are different types of information out there…!!!

First of all, you will get the most popular content of your site according to the google search console insights guide


After watching this thing, you can create high-quality content for a better users experience

In simple words: you will get what types of content performing well

After that, you will get another thing! Which is the user’s intent?

How people finding you on Google, there are three types of ways to find your content


The first thing is direct google search, which is not easy to do because there are a hell of competition out there

Therefore, I don’t think so, people find you direct.

The next step is organics searches, if you are ranking your site so, you’re going on the right path!


Therefore, I also recommend, SEO is key to success. Organic is a way to get free traffic to your site

which is not easy to do, but if you hire an SEO expert though, you can rank your site

So this is another way to find your content online.

Let’s watch last but not least. Reference links. If someone is coming to your site to throw backlinks which is link-building?


It is another part of SEO. There are three types of SEO out there…

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Techncial SEO

Make sure you know about these three types of SEO. It is another section of the google search console insights guide

Ensure you’re using it.

Your New Content, whatever type content you write, how to use it, Or google watching


It is another way to index your new piece of content. here you will get complete information

this will tell you about your new content & old content as well

Though, don’t forget to focus on your New content & old content as well

I hope you’re catching my points, besides that, whether you want to ask something

so feel free to comment on me. I’ll provide you complete information.

Social Media platforms. how people finding you on social media. and from which platform is working well for your content


all these things, you track with free SEO one tool. Google Search Console Insights Guide

tells you everything about your content so that, you can enhance your content marketing strategy in 2021

So, you need to make sure that, you’re going the right way!


I hope you got the answer about google webmaster 2021. In this chapter.

I’m going to talk about the Google search console insights guide so that, you can improve your SEO ranking

Most SEO don’t have an idea about this simple strategy! Therefore, I recommend you, don’t lose this great chance guys

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So here it is. google search console insights guide covers everything!

Which is good for a content creator & SEO expert too. I hope you like the google search console insights guide

So, you don’t worry about that thing, you just need to wait 24 hours after getting this access then

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