Unbelievable Google AdSense Approval Tricks (The Define Guide)

Hey blogger, welcome back again. I hope you are doing well. Besides that, In this blog, I’ll teach you about Google AdSense Approval Tricks.

Which will help you a lot. Because you want to make money throw blogging. Want to blog from scratch then, read this professional guide.

After that, you will each & everything, now you can start your own blog. But there is the thing,


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In simple words: These Google AdSense Approval Tricks will help you today!

High-Quality Content


Want to crack Google AdSense Approval then, you must have high-quality content.

Otherwise, you may not able to catch it. Google AdSense Approval in 2021…!!! That’s why?

You should have or write professional content on your blog post. Now the big question is, how to write high-quality content?

In simple words: I would love to say, you have fulfilled users’ desires. What they are searching for?

You have to teach them everything step-by-step. So that, they can find out the right answer.

Apart from that, you have to learn more about users’ search intent as well. Besides that, you should have SEO information.

There are three types of SEO

If you write SEO-Friendly content then, your blog will rank. Otherwise, you can’t rank your content

And you have to formate your content, according to user intent. Make your paragraphs two or three lines.

Want to get high-quality content writing skills. Then, you follow these professional techniques in 2021

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Content-Length Matters


Are you a professional content writer? These are amazing skills because you can write high-quality content easily

But you have to write an In-depth blog or content as well. For kind your information, a lot of professional SEO Experts know this thing,

That’s why? You have to always keep your mind up-to-date also. If you write content according to search intent then, you will know user intent

That’s why? You write a long blog or content. That helps people…!!!

Besides that, whether you want to learn more about it. Then, you might Read this professional guideline.

Long content will give you complete information, therefore, you have to try writing long content.

So that, you can grab a lot of search intent…!!! But one more thing, you need to keep in your mind.

Content should be SEO-Friendly! So that, Seach Engines get your information or blog easily!

Again, In this blog. I’ll give you Google AdSense Approval tricks. That will give you amazing results.

Domain age matter


You know what? Some people want to get Instant approval. Therefore, they failed. Because you don’t want to wait some time.

One more thing, before applying on Google AdSense, you must have an old Domain Name.

When you buy a Domain name so, you have to make your domain old. After 6 to 7 months. you have to apply on Google AdSense in 2021

If you live in India OR China so, you have to wait at least 6th months! After that, you have to apply to any Ad networks.

Because everyone wants to get today! A professional website so that, they can show their Ads on your entire website.

That’s why? They take this process seriously! I hope you got the answer!

Domain Name should be TLD. So that people can get you easily on the internet.

What is TLD? You have to make your domain name or follow these steps

  • Domain Name Should have (.com)
  • Domain Name should be Unique
  • Prime Keywords should be there
  • Readability should be there
  • Show your brand image

If you have this type of domain name though, this is a good chance for you. Because you can easily rank your site.

In simple words: When you apply after some time then, Google gets some information from your website.

Google thinks you are a real website owner. Who wants to work with us? And they give you Google AdSense Approval easily

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Pages About, Contact, Disclaimer & Privacy & Policy

When you make a blog though, you have to create like a pro blogger. So that, people take you seriously

And Google also. Check your website, when you apply for Google AdSense. And you don’t have to these pages though,

Your site was rejected by Google! Therefore, you have to make your website essential pages

Otherwise, you won’t get approval! I hope you have these amazing pages! Comment below down!

If you have no idea about these pages then, comment below down!

You can create these pages with free tools!

You just need to type these pages’ names + Generator. After that, you will get free tools

Make your site or look like a professional website. This will help you, so I recommend you don’t forget to make these pages

In simple words: Every site should have these pages for Google AdSense Approval

I hope you like this info. Google AdSense Approval Tricks work for you!

Don’t use Copywrite Content


Want to get Instant Google Approval though, you don’t use Copywrite content in 2021

Otherwise, you don’t get Google Approval! Therefore, when you start writing a blog so, make sure you use your own create images

Because tips SEO or Image Optimization tip will help you more

Therefore, I recommend you don’t use anything, Copywrite. If you make high-quality images or graphics so, this will boost your SEO ranking

I hope you are getting my points, besides that you should learn or make graphics. Recommend by Backlinko

One more thing, you have no idea anything, though, you use (FREE STOCK IMAGES)

Want to start making professional Graphics so, you may use these amazing tools…!!!

Free image or stock images websites for 2021.

I recommend you, don’t miss these free amazing tools for your blogging career in 2021

Now you have all the free sources for blogging. You don’t need to use anyone’s image & content also.

Mobile-Friendly Site

As you know, Google also says. The website should be Mobile-Friendly! In other words: Mobile-first Index

If you have a Mobile-Friendly website though, this is good for you, because of today! Most people use Moblie phone for local searches

That’s why? A lot of people wants to get results in Mobile phone. That’s why? You have to make sure.

You have a Mobile-Friendly site. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site so, you might lose a ton of traffic

Therefore, you need to make sure. You are doing well work! Because you don’t have enough time.

Nobody wants to use today’s computer or other devices. Because of benefit. In the market, you will get a pro-level mobile phone

On the other hand: This is SEO Ranking Factor today! Don’t forget to use these Google AdSense Approval Tricks & tips in 2021

Whether someone asks you about this topic, How can I get AdSense approval fast? So, you may this it

If you have a WordPress site so, you may use it. FREE AMP plugin. Which will make your site Mobile-friendly easily?

I hope you like this information, besides that, want to ask anything, let me know or comment below

In other words: eligibility for AdSense blogger & WordPress also

You must 18 years of age


According to Government Law. If you want to make money so, you must 18 years old. Otherwise, you can’t do any work

Therefore, Google, first of all, your age. If you are under age so, they don’t give you Google Adsense.

Though, you need to make sure. You have done or passed 18 years! Actually, it is a very simple way

But you have done this eligibility in 2021.

In a simple way: Want to get Google AdSense though, you have done it 18 years ago.

After that, you will be able to take Google or Other network’s approval. I hope you get the answer

Most people don’t focus on this thing, after that. They face failure. So you don’t make yourself like whose people

You just need to do this thing, if you don’t rely on me then, you may Read this Google Guideline

Maybe you like these Google AdSense Appaorval tricks & strategies.

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Google Webmaster Guideline


After making the website you have to check your site from time to time. Because of some reasons. If you have any errors with your site

So, you can’t apply on Ads Networks. Therefore, you have to make your site errorless. When you connect your site.

Though, you will get complete information about your site errors! In simple words: It Free Google SEO tool

If you want to know how to set up Google Webmaster so, you may read this Ultimate guideline

Google Webmaster is the best tool for beginners in 2021! You need to keep your site fresh or make your content fresh always

Some people say, for getting Google AdSense approval. you don’t need to use Google Webmaster

As I told you always. Google AdSense Approval Tricks works always for you.

If you follow the right way!

Otherwise, you don’t get it

Restricted content

Are you looking for the best blogging Niche? SO don’t use illegal content. If you use Illegal content or niche

Though, you don’t get Google AdSense Approval. So, you just need to keep it in your mind.

You want to help the people. If you use this Niche so, you will get Approval easily!

There are some Banned Content, Niches & topics

  • Sexual Content
  • Drug & Wine Content
  • Copyrights
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inappropriate content
  • Gambling and games
  • Counterfeit goods

Never write on these topics! Otherwise, you may not get Google AdSense Approval.

So, choose the right Niche with this step. If you follow these then, you will get the right topic in 2021

Don’t forget to follow these Google AdSense Approval Tricks at the end

Remove Other Ads


Want to get the Google AdSense Approval though, you have to remove other Ads Networks

In simple words: if you have applied other networks. SO, you can’t get Google Approval.

Therefore, you have to make sure you just apply on Google AdSense. I hope you like this information.

Because some people use differentdifferent Ads network. At last, they stuck always! Because of this reason

Eventually, I would love to say, Apply only to one network. So you really want it.

Best Ads Networks

Try these amazing AdSense networks today & start making money online. How do you like these Google Adsense Approval Tricks?

Website Design

When you make a professional website so, you have to make a professional site. This is the best signal for google

Therefore, you have to make your site a pro-level site in 2021. Your site should have all the essential elements!

If you want to use this AdSense so, you should have these amazing tips.

In simple words: you need to make professional navigation. Make your navigation according to mobile phone

Nothing should be hidden, otherwise, you might lose a ton of traffic! I hope you got the answer…!!!

If you want to make a professional website design so, you can read this guideline in 2021

I hope you like this information, besides that, you can comment below down! Want to ask anything…!! Let me know

Follow these Google AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021

Page & Website Speed


After making the website. You have to check your website Page Speed. If you have a high-Quality page speed

So, you can get free website traffic to your website in 2021. make your site super fast.

If you have a WordPress website so, you can use a free plugin. You can enhance your site speed

If you want to learn more. So you can read this Guideline today! Eventually, I would love to say,

Don’t forget to follow these Google AdSense Approval Tricks in 2021


If you follow these Google AdSense Approval Tricks so, you will have good results.

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Therefore, I recommend you don’t miss any steps. Because these are essential for your careers

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