Stop Common Content Writing Mistake (in 20 Minutes)

Are you a content writer? If yes so, you must need to avoid this common content writing mistake right now!

Hey guys & welcome back again, In this blog post. I’m going to show you how to stop common Content Writing Mistake in 20 Minutes

If you don’t stop this issue then, you might regret it because this thing can impact your content writing career

Being a content writer, you should have some professional skillset. Though, you boost your career in 2021

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This will help you a lot, so without wasting your prime time, let’s jump into this thing

Why Content Writing is Difficult?

Actually, that is not right because content writing is not hard to do but. In some cases you’ll face some issues then


you can say, content writing is not easy to do. One more thing guys, you need to retain in your pocket.

Especially, new blogger, nobody wants to get you success. Just think about it, let’s come back to the point

In this digital era hardly people get success in this field that’s why? People will recommend you don’t for content writing

In simple words: I’d love to tell you guys! Whether you love writing then, you’re good to go

No need to stop this career.

If you think content writing is hard so, it is hard for you, whatever you think about this what do you get?

Today, I’m going to discuss common content writing mistakes, which should be avoided right now?

Let’s get start it…!!!

#1 Not Check Content Before Publish

Being a content writer you will have to check your content before hit publishing. because there are various mistakes out there

Therefore, you need to check out your content before hitting the publish button

You what guys? I used to hit publish button simple strategy! That’s why? I had face so many problems with my content

After that, I discussed with my friends then, I got the right way!

That double-checks your content, whether you find anything so, you can fix that issue

Therefore, today my content is going well. I hope you’re catching my point,

Pro: After Writing the complete Content you should check out your content plagiarism

It will help you a lot for a long time.

If you want to check out your content plagiarism. SO you can use

I personally using it nowadays guys! Now, it’s your turn. Let’s check out another common content writing mistake

#2 Don’t use Copyright Content

If you want to rank your content #1 google so, you need to ensure that, you’re using your own content

Which is created by you? Never use Stock images & videos. I highly recommend you all guys


because of whatever type of content you’re using. people have used it, therefore, this thing can be confused google what is your original content

Therefore, ensure you’re creating your own image & videos for content. Otherwise, you might be stuck

It will help you in SEO as well. That’s why? Keep it in your mindset guys

So can you tell me, guys? What should be avoided in content writing?

This is the most common content writing mistake in 2021. You need to make a list & check out step-by-step

#3 Do Some Research Before Writing

How to write high-quality content? Do you have any idea about this? If you don’t have so, you don’t worry about that

Because of today! I’ll share me all secret with you guys. There is one simple thing out there.


Whatever you want to write? First of all, you need to get information about that. because without a good amount of information

You can’t write a single word therefore, I recommend you, do some research before writing a blog, content & article as well

Whatever your prime keyword? Put into Google search bar then, hit search after that, you need to analyze the SERPs

This simple tip would help you more. I hope you like it.

One more thing you have to follow always. If you give value so, you get the value otherwise, you won’t

Well, content writing mistake actually, very simple. What you can improve right now?

Let’s have a look at another common content writing mistake, which must be avoided?

#4 Keyword Research Properly

The keyword is the key to success. Therefore, you should keep it first on your list! If you’re going to write high-quality content


Though, you must a list of a good amount of keywords. So that you can rank your content #1 google

Therefore, you should learn proper keyword research. This simple strategy will help you in future

There are various types of keywords in the market today!

If you want to know in-depth so, you might check out this guideline

Here you’ll get complete information related to keywords. I hope you love it

Apart from that, you can use Free keyword Generator tools as well. Which would give you a related keyword?

Have a look at another common content writing mistake once again.

#5 Focus on Your Intresting Niche

If you want to become a professional content writer? So you need to select your Niche according to your interest


because content writing is not easy to do without interest. So you will have to define your Niche

Whatever topic you choose? One thing you need to keep in your hand guys! Always keep trying to more expand it

If you have knowledge about your field so, you can write otherwise, you’re not able to write a single word

Whether you want to know how to find a profitable niche so? You can read this guideline

I hope you got the right answer. why people say content writing is hard? That’s the reason in front of your blogger

I recommend you to all guys. Please improve this common content writing mistake today!

#6 Define Your Target Audience

In content writing, you should have a clear vision. Who is your target audience & what the age, gender & so many things

you should enter into their minds & check out what they want to see?


If you got the strategy so, you might get success easily in a Content writing career!

Back in 2018, you didn’t focus on it. But now you will have to focus on this thing!

If you use one tone in your content so, you’re not going the way! Therefore, a professional content writer recommends.

Use that tone what they actually love to listen to & want to speak.

To get this information, you can use google search console & Google analytics too

So now it’s time to jump into the next thing Or common content writing mistake

#7 Enhance Your Content Writing Skills

If you should always keep trying to grab new something in content writing! If you do this thing then, you good to go


That’s why? search into the google search bar & whatever your favorite search engine

where you’ll get new-new tips & tricks. That will help you to call your writing skill

Therefore, I personally use this simple content writing concept! Content Writing skills define your career boost

So, I would recommend you don’t forget to focus on content writing skills

Neither content writing, blog writing but also, you must have designing skills too

All right, let’s have a look at the next common content writing mistake body!

#8 Write high-quality Content

Do you provide value to users Or high-quality content? Tell me guys, if yes that’s great. Because now you’re going to a good way

Could you please let me know? What is high-quality content according to you?


Hit the comment section. I want to know more. high-quality content means you must cover the entire topic in one blog

The trend is going on in the market as you know well. Long content rank better than short content

It is not good news because this strategy can impact your good content as well

You just have to cover the topic, doesn’t matter. How long does content do you write?

Pro: Try to make content between 1500-2000 words.

#9 On-Page SEO

Content Writing is another skill, however, you should have SEO-Content Writing skill


Then, you can stand in the market. otherwise, you might start losing your clients as well

I’m not saying you have to be an SEO expert. If you learn the basics SEO terms that are good for you

because of today! there is a hell of competition in the market.

There are three types of SEO…

Once you start focusing on these things so, you might a professional content writer

So you need to avoid this simple common content writing mistake guys!

There are various On-Page SEO ranking Factors out there.

#10 Add Proper CTA (Call To Action)

When do you start content writing? You got something CTA because every content has different types of purpose

Therefore, I recommend you, mention CTA in your blog post & content as well


If you don’t mention CAT so, you’re not going on the right path! That’s why? People don’t have faith in content marketing

CAT helps to fulfill your desire whatever you want to grab you can?

But you should not try to sell your products & service as well. Because people don’t love to buy from your site

You just keep your suggestion in your content after that, you can mention a little bit link there

Again let’s come back to the topic & see common content writing mistake

#11 Promote Your Content on Social Media

After writing your content you’ll have to promote your content on social media. Most bloggers love to use this simple tip


So you should also use strategy for your content marketing. There are various Social Media Platforms in the market today! is one of the best platforms for your content marketing! There are billions of people hand out there

You can start putting your high-quality content there. after that, you will start getting attention

Not only the social sites option you have, however you can use another site like & also

To throw these sites you can drive free traffic to your blog & website too

Though, you need to avoid this common content writing mistake right now!

#12 Send E-Mail to Users

If you want to start content marketing so, you should also start focusing on email marketing


It can impact your content marketing strategy as well. Therefore, you need to mention the email option on your blog section

Whether you have a handful email list so, why don’t you use it? When you start sending emails so, you get some attention

Therefore, after writing content you must send emails to your daily users. So that, you can increase your google ranking in 2021

Most bloggers don’t use this thing. Email marketing increase 34% users

Now you have to decide for yourself what do you want to do? Let’s catch another common content writing mistake

#13 Not Good Page Exprience

Page experience is google algorithm that’s why? I mention it on this list.


Whether you don’t have a good page experience so, you can’t get users! That’s why? Google recommend trying to make your site Mobile-friendly

After that, you can start getting good results! Your page has good speed so that, users can access it easily!

Mostly .05 second users wait for page load time. otherwise, users exit from that site

Whether you want to check out your site speed so, you can free tools

With the help of these tools, you can improve your page speed. I recommend you, don’t forget about page speed & load time too

These tools will suggest to you, what you need to do is? So don’t worry about site changes

Let’s check out another common content writing mistake again. I know it’s funny, but you have to learn all the secrets

#14 Get People Feedback

Want to improve your content writing so, you need to take people to feedback this simple concept can change your content


That’s why? I use if you like this blog post then, please hit comment. As you know very well guys

If your content has something issue so, without feedback, you can’t imagine that issue

If you want to talk to me closely so, you can talk to me on Twitter

Therefore, you should ask yourself. And you can ask people.

Whether you check out the market so, most people doing this same thing! That’s why? they’re standing in the market today

You have to be like them guys! Start building Brand yourself

Last but not least guys! common content writing mistake check

#15 Not Consistency

If you want to avoid this common content writing mistake so, you will have to be punctual guys

otherwise, you can’t do anything! There are various people who can do it but they are not working frequently

That’s why? People fail in their career or Content writing! Whatever I mention above you will have to follow all these things

…and you will start getting good results.

I hope you like this information. Common content writing mistake which is harmful to you


In this blog post, I covered common content writing mistakes. Now you have to retain these common content writing mistakes in your mind

otherwise, you might not succeed in your content writing career

If you love this information so, could you please do one thing for me

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So you can comment on me. I’ll try my level best

Well, thank you so much, guys

I’ll see you in the next blog post

I hope you make well

Goodbye & good luck blogger

Cheer’s Sameer Ansai (Sam)

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