Basics Technical SEO Guidelines 2021 (The Define Guide)

Hey bloggers & welcome back again, In this blog post today! I’ll show Basics Technical SEO Guidelines step-by-step

I hope you like it, well you must have technical SEO beginners guideline skills in 2021

Otherwise, you can’t run your blog properly guys! Therefore, I recommend you, without technical SEO info.

You should not start blogging this year! In fact, there are various ways out there…!!!

But you need to follow some essential steps for a better blogging career! Before starting this blog post, you must read a previous blog post

Where you would professional information. I hope you like it guys!

With this SEO tip, you can increase or drive traffic to your site easily! I hope you make well

Though, without wasting your prime time, let’s jump into this blog post-in-depth right now

What is Technical SEO?


Technical SEO is the process of fixing website errors so that, you can perform well. There are various types of issues out there

Such as 200,300,400 & 500 errors too besides that you have to improve your site speed. And Add your property

With some essential google free tools such as Google Search Console & Google Analytics too

These tools will help you to enhance your Google ranking

In short: you have to fix website errors so that you can rank better than others

Well, basics technical SEO guidelines would give you professional information so. Keep reading

Let’s move to another SEO basics guidelines again bloggers

Why Basics Technical SEO Essnetial?

If you want to improve your Google ranking then, you have to focus on basics technical SEO guidelines too

It would help you increase your site traffic as well, therefore, you need to focus on it or attention to it guys

Once you start fixing technical SEO errors then, you would start getting good SEO or SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

In simple words: forgetting or improving the website, you have to fix these issues

One more thing, without doing technical SEO. You should not start doing Search Engine Optimization in 2021

It is one of the best parts of SEO…!!!

Therefore, I recommend you don’t forget about basics technical SEO guidelines

I hope you got the answer bloggers! Let’s move to another thing

What is SEO & On-Page SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of driving traffic to your website or blog too

Therefore, you should have SEO skills! Otherwise, you can’t earn money to throw your blog post

I hope you got the answer, if you want to know more about SEO then, you might comment to me

I’ll show you the right way! From where you can learn everything step-by-step guys

Let’s come back to the point. SEO is the best part of blogging, therefore, I recommend you, never forget about it

Basics technical SEO guidelines would give you complete info. What is On-Page SEO?

In this blog part, you have to optimize your content so that Google & other search Engine can better Understand

And rank proper your content this year! Well you have to write content for users & Bots too

In short: you have to write SEO-Friendly Content bloggers

If you want to know more about On-Page SEO then comment to me. I’ll show the best thing

How Many types of SEO Out There?

Actually, there is no type of SEO out there, you have to optimize your content according to SEO

Besides that, some SEO experts say that. There are three types of SEO out there mainly.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Techncial SEO

Once you start using these SEO tips then, you would get the ranking, therefore I recommend you, use these things

In this work, you have to create backlinks for your website. So that you can enhance your site ranking

In other words: Don’t forget about backlinks guys! Do you want to know more about basics technical SEO guidelines?

I hope you make well guys! Let’s jump into the next thing…!!!

How to Do Techncial SEO Audit?


Before fixing any kind of errors you should information about all types of issues, otherwise, you can’t fix them

First of all, I recommend you check out your site Google Search Console & you can get the info about issues

Then, you should check out Google Analytics too. Where you would get main time user info

Besides that, you can use tools as well. There are ample SEO Audit tools out there in the market

Technical SEO Audit tools list…!!!

With the help of these tools, you may get complete information about the site. After that, you have to start fixing them

I recommend you, never forget to check out manually SERP! After getting the issues you have to make a note of that

because of forgetness. otherwise, you might not get a proper thing or SEO audit too

Let’s jump into the next basics technical SEO guidelines…!!! These are the best Technical SEO techniques for bloggers

How Do I Fix Techncial SEO errors?

If you get errors, the thing is how do you fix website issues. Most bloggers really, don’t have an idea about it

But you need to do just one thing, after getting the problem. You have to resubmit your URL to google webmaster or Google Console

To throw URL inspection, after that. You would see after some time. Errors will be removed

But one thing again, you have to keep in your mind guys! first of all, you have to know, why this is coming?

otherwise, you may not able to fix it…!!!

Well, there are various ways out there to fix issues. Whether you use WordPress then, it is good for you

because you can fix it easily bloggers!

In short: you have to submit a URL for Validation. Then you would answer…!!! It is the most important technical SEO elements

Let’s move to other basics technical SEO guidelines for more info

What is Technical SEO Checklist 2021?


Hey bloggers, today I’ll show the best technical SEO tips & tricks too. If you follow these steps then

You can do proper technical SEO for better SEO ranking guys

Though, without wasting your essential time, let’s jump into this blog post-dive again,

It is the best technical SEO tactic for bloggers in 2021.

Apply SSL


SSL is the basics technical SEO guidelines part for bloggers. Google announces back a year. SSL is the best-ranking signal

Google recommends SSL websites to users so that, they can save their information.

As you know well. Nobody wants to publics his/her information because of crime

Therefore, you need to focus out there. It would give you some SEO benefit as well

In short: SSL must be there, Hostinger provides you free SSL

AMP & Fast Speed


As you know very well. People love to use Mobile phones, that’s why? Google recommends Mobile-first index

Could you please let me know? Do you have a mobile version site? If yes then, comment to me

Besides that, if you use WordPress then, you have a free AMP plugin. It would make your site AMP version easily

Besides that, you should have fast speed as you know well. You can say today fast speed is another ranking factor

Want to check out your site speed then, you might use any one of them…!!!

They would tell you about speed & how to fix or increase website speed to guys.

Most essential speed checker-free tools for you…!!!

I hope you make well bloggers! Now you have to follow these steps so that, you can enhance site speed

Basics technical SEO guidelines would give you stunning results.

Though, I would say don’t worry about that guys. Well let’s move to another thing or step

Google Search Console OR Webmaster


Google webmaster or google search console is a free SEO tool, you can track your performance easily

Therefore, I recommend you never forget about it, or add your site to GSC otherwise, you may not able to track your site insight

I hope you make well, whether you want to learn how to connect the site with a google search console then

You may have this professional guideline. It would provide you complete information as much as possible

I hope you are getting my points, besides that if you have any questions related to Google Search Console then

Comment me or let me know! Let’s jump into the next basics technical SEO guidelines again

Google Analtyics OR GA-4


GA-4 is another google tool for webmasters! And you should have this account if you want to get real-time info

Otherwise, there is no free tool. Which can track website performance as a professional

make sure you like it, well you would track the user. Who connects to your site & interact with your content

In fact, you can connect with google analytics easily! For more information about or connection

You can read this Ultimate guideline. I hope you like it…!!!

If you have any questions & quires related to google analytics then, comment me or let me know

Do you like basics technical SEO guidelines? If so then, great guys, so without wasting your prime time let’s jump into the next thing

Bing Webmaster


Bing Webmaster is another way to drive UK & USA traffic to your website, I hope you love it & want to do it as well

Like, google search console bing webmaster provides you complete information. Which can help you to monitor site performance

Bing webmaster provides you complete info, which can help you, as you know well. Bing update their tool as well

Pro: Want to drive UK & USA traffic then, Add site to Bing Webmaster

If you want to know more about bing webmaster then, you might read this guideline.

To throw bing you get Bing & Yahoo search engine traffic to your site, therefore, I recommend you never take it lightly

here you are going to get the best technical SEO tutorial for better ranking & performance too guys.

Well, let’s jump into the next or basics technical SEO guidelines as well. I hope you can do it.

Google Structure Data Markup


Google Structured Data Markup is the best way to tell search engines, what is all about your content or website

In short: To throw this tip, search engines better understand your content & site too

Therefore, I recommend you, want to rank your content then, you should mention schema Markup with your blog post

There are various types of schema markup out there, however, you have to use mooring to your content & needs as well

XML.Sitemap & Internal Linking


It is one of the best basics technical SEO guidelines part in 2021. If you have a WordPress site then, you should have it

Otherwise, you might are not going the right way! Therefore, you need to keep it in your mind

It would tell google about your all URL. When google get your All URLs then, they better Understand your site

I hope you are getting my points, besides that, If you want to make a sitemap then, you can use

It would give you complete information about sitemap & files too. Therefore, I personally, use it

Though, you have any questions related to sitemap or basics technical SEO guidelines

Let’s go to the next step guys! Or Let’s talk about Internal linking

Internal linking is the best part of SEO. If you are not doing it then, you are going to down your site or ranking too

Therefore, I recommend you, mention internal linking, but it should be a natural way

If you do internal linking such as spam then, you may heart your site ranking…!!!

Therefore, when you write quality content then, you should keep in your mind internal linking

Let’s jump into the next basic technical SEO guidelines once again.

Crawling & Indexing


Crawling is the most essential part of SEO. You can’t crawl your content to throw google then

You can’ rank your site. Therefore, you need to check out your content is crawling or not

If so then, it’s good for you because google is analyzed your content. And it is a good ranking factor

Want to see your crawling then, you can use the Google search console. Where you would find complete info about crawling

After crawling Google index your content, again it is the most important part of SEO

Google saves your data in its database. Therefore, don’t worry about that, I hope you are getting my points

so let’s jump into the next basics technical SEO guidelines.

Copy Content & CDN


If you want to rank your content then, you have to put quality content & it should not be copied

Whether you put copy content then, google might penalize your content & ban your site

Therefore, I request you, being new bloggers never make it. otherwise, you may regret

I hope you are getting my content.

In simple words: Never use copy content

Apart from that, if you want to know about the basics of Technical SEO guidelines 2021. So come & meet me on Facebook

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the most common blogging mistake, which is making by bloggers

Therefore, you have to focus there, it would give you high speed & better performance too

You can use Cloudflare free CDN, besides that it would help you, to open your site easily & fast as well

I hope you got the answer, let’s move to basics technical SEO guidelines again

Do you like this info? If yes sounds cool. It is the best technical SEO strategy for bloggers

Site issues & Broken Link

Want to find out the site issues then, you should have a google search console, it would provide you complete info

That’s why? I always recommend you, google search console. It would give you errors info & how to fix them as well

Therefore, you can fix any kind of error easily! You should have passion, google takes time to fix site issues

Therefore, you don’t worry about that, let’s move again to basics technical SEO guidelines again guys

Broken link building is another way to make backlinks, for kind your information.

If you have broken the link then, you are going to hurt your entire site, therefore, don’t forget about it

You don’t need to learn technical skills for fixing broken links

There are various tools out there…!!! You can use one of them and also available for you

Now it’s time to say, goodbye guys. Well I’m always with you


In this blog post, I coved or basics technical SEO guidelines. What do you need to know?

Well, if you follow these steps then, you can fix your site issues easily! Though, do you think now technical SEO is still hard to do?

Comment me guys, I’m waiting for your opinion guys.

In fact, you should learn first of all, basics technical SEO guidelines. I hope you make it

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